Friday, February 03, 2006

LA Times Won't Publish Danish Cartoons, Anti-Semitic Cartoons are OK

The Los Angeles Times printed an Editorial today (Friday) defending the right to free speech in light of the Danish cartoon controversy. Towards the end of the Op-Ed the LA Times proudly proclaims: "For our part, The Times has not reprinted these (the Danish) insensitive images, even as a means of shedding light on the controversy in Europe." Really? Please take a look above at only one of the many LA Times anti-Semitic cartoons published routinely over the years by that paper. Notice the religious Jew praying towards the holiest site in Judaisim, the Wailing wall, where the stones spell out HATE. The caption reads "Worshiping their God." Message? Jews are hate worshipers. That's not insensitive apparently by LA Times logic. Seeing is believing. What a bunch of loser hypocrites.

LA Times Image of Moses pointing toward peace as the religious Jew points toward war. Message? Jews are war-mongerers. No insensitivity there. People did protest these types of cartoons repeatedly published in the LA Tims, but nobody rioted or called for violance.

Danish cartoonists fear for their lives

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