Friday, February 03, 2006

Danish Cartoons: CNN Blurs Mohammed's Face, Like a Criminal on Cops!

CNN just showed the Danish Cartoons, (which are truly mild by Western standards), and they BLURRED MOHAMMED’s FACE! This is truly theater of the obsured. Has CNN ever shown such deference to any other group? The Neocon understands that CNN has offices and personnel in all of these countries and is justifiably reluctant to place any of their personnel in danger, but seriously, is this any way to show the real news? Is CNN really that much of a hostage that they need to literally blur the news to stay safe? How Symbolic!
In contrast to CNN, Spanish Paper stands tall
* Spain's Leading Paper prints front page Mohammad cartoon

1 comment:

  1. Mo's a religious figure dude who by the Islamic faith is not allowed to be portrayed. Thats why CNN dosent show it, not because there scared of arabs or muslims


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