Saturday, November 19, 2005

Neocon Express: Abe Foxman Has Become An Embarassment: RESIGN NOW!

How Many Strikes Should Abe Get?

Disclaimer: The Neocon believes that the Anti-Defamation League serves an important purpose. Fighting racial and religious hatred and promoting the values of tolerance and understanding are noble causes indeed. However, the seemingly life-appointed ADL President, Abe Foxman, has outlived his usefulness to that organization and has become much more of an embarrassment than an asset. Simply put, He tends to pick the wrong fights at the wrong time with the wrong people. In the midst of a world-wide war on terror against Islamo-fascists, where real lives and the future of the world is at stake, Abe Foxman decides in the name of the entire Jewish world to declare a Jihad on… "conservative Christians", the strongest constituency in the war on terror. This is not the first time he has done this. Therefore be it resolved that:

Because of his bad judgment, bad timing, partisanship, power-drunkenness and insatiable appetite for the spotlight; his inflated ego and exaggerated sense of his own importance and infallibility, The Neocon declares that Abe Foxman has become an embarrassment to the Jewish Community of this country, of which the Neocon counts itself a proud member. Therefore be it further known to all that the Neocon resolves and declares that: MR. FOXMAN, PLEASE SPARE US FURTHER EMBARASSMENT AND RESIGN NOW!

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