Thursday, November 10, 2005

In Latest Bizzar Temper-Tantrum Babs Calls for... IMPEACHMENT!

Folks, you know that things are getting pretty grim when that "intellectual giant," the mother of ALL "deep thinkers," the Queen of the "cutting edge," the Diva of "political sophistication," is calling for the IMPEACHMENT of the President of the United States.


  1. dude. seriously. you think that Barbara Streisand is a political genius?? i think that someone needs to do a little research.

    barbara streisand is just a very opinionated woman, and she is guaranteed that right by the constitution of this great country, but that by NO MEANS says anything about her political knowledge or credibility. Just because she is a great influence, doesnt mean she is always right.

    President Bush is doing what he thinks is best for all of us. I know he definetely hasn't been perfect, but he has a LOT of responsibility, and he's trying his hardest to get things done. You shouldn't put someone down until you've walked a mile or two in their shoes. I know, its cliche, but what would YOU have done if our country was attacked by a menacing group of people while YOU were trying to handle governing 296 million people?

  2. Dear Ria
    I totally agree with you, my comments about Streisand were meant to be facetious. If you look at my site, you will fully understand where I am coming from. A sense of humor is important.

  3. Matrix, the nose knows. Great blog.

    Babs, get a JOB!


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