Sunday, November 06, 2005

Drama and Spirit on the High Seas

The Seabourn Spirit Attacked at sea today off the coast of Somalia!

Is there anybody who has thought to wonder aloud if this was in fact a failed Al Quaida assault on a cruise ship? The NeoCon Express tries to avoid conspiracy theories and realizes that conventional wisdom is probably correct in that it was indeed a straightforward pirate attack on the ship, because there have been similar attacks in the area against smaller ships. However, the NeoCon finds it strange that no red flags have been raised and no alternative or slightly unconventional possibilities have even been suggested in public. A coordinated Al Quaida attack on a cruise ship would be major news. According to all reports, this attack involved multiple small vessels and a number of teams utilizing rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapons. Certainly a brazen attack that suggests a greater level of sophistication than perhaps first met the eye. Fortunately the attack failed because of the speedy and competent reaction of the Spirit Captain and the surprising maneuverability of the Seabourn Spirit itself. only one passenger sustained injury. Greater attention should be paid to this strange story, if only to prepare for the next and probably inevitable similar episode.

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