Sunday, November 13, 2005

Direct Threat: The Queen is Targeted

Al-Qaeda number two, Ayman al- Zawahiri, has issued today a new blood curling, direct threat against the Queen of England, Elizabeth the II, who also serves as head of the Church of England. It might be worth remembering that it was only a few days ago that the Queens son, Prince Charles, was busy singing the praises of Islam and pointing out that the United States tends to "misunderstand" and "under-appreciate" the Muslim world. Further accusing the US of "intolerance" and being overly "confrontational." Perhaps it is Prince Charles who is misunderstanding the nature of the threat, including the direct threat to his own mothers life that was issued today. The Neocon does not misunderstand the threat and says in solidarity 'God Save the Queen,' even as her own son plays footsies with those who would do her harm.

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