Monday, November 14, 2005


Either French President Jacque Chirac is completely clueless about the situation in his own country, or he is pretending to be clueless. Chirac talked today about the need to reach out to the "disaffected French youth" and fight the "discrimination" that is at the "root cause" of the unrest in France. Perhaps Mr. Chirac should consider whether the root cause might actually be the millions of immigrants from cultures that have nothing but contempt for the great modern liberal principles of the west, such as pluralism, tolerance, freedom of expression, racial and gender equality, etc... Perhaps it would be better if the perpetrators of the violence were accurately identified as young Muslims who spit on western values and want the west and France destroyed, instead of the more politically correct and innocent term "disaffected French youth." Any alcoholic will tell you that before solving a problem, one must first honestly admit to having a problem, instead of living in denial.

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