Friday, October 31, 2008

"I Won't Have to Pay My Mortgage if Obama Wins!":

The Messiah has them all worked up. Just listen to this true believer after hearing "The One's" speech at a recent rally:

"I never thought that day would ever happen when I wouldn't have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage, you know; if I help him, he's going to help me."

Wow, the Messiah is going to finally deliver us from our responsibilities. He's going to take from others and give to me! Is this poor lady just:
1)"Misunderstanding" the Messiah?
2) Did the Messiah giver her this impression?

Ahh, I'm going with #2.

Meanwhile: Obama's New Attack on Those Who Don't Want Higher Taxes: ‘Selfishness’. Got that? You don't want to pay higher taxes? You are "selfish". Now its comes down to the Democrat candidate calling you names.

In Effigy: Hang Sarah Palin? Get Publicity - Hang Obama? Get Arrested

If you hang an effigy of Sarah Palin in the middle of your neighborhood for the whole world to see, you will get plenty of free publicity and lots of attention for your "controversial" statement...
On the other hand, if you happen to be a collage student pulling a fraternity prank and do the same thing with Obama, you get arrested with an ugly, scary-looking criminal mugshot to go for the whole world to see.Of course, I think that hanging effigies are stupid, ugly, and should be socially unacceptable; but I do find the double standard here glaring to say the least.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"If These Numbers Are Right, You Can Almost Call Nevada For McCain Now"

The media keep telling us that the election is over, but there are more signs of hope popping up everywhere and a slight panic is setting in at the Obama camp:

Last weekend I posted on a small exit poll that I conducted at a single polling station for early voting in Las Vegas. The results were terribly depressing for me because it showed a very strong Democrat turnout for Obama. That was the most depressing day for me of this entire campaign... It has been up hill ever since. Earlier today I reported on some positive signs out of Florida showing McCain with the lead among early voters there, according to an LA Times/Bloomberg poll. Then we learned that American Jews in Israel voting with absentee ballots (about 45,000 of them) are leaning better than two to one for McCain. Hopefully that indicates that American Jews won't go for Obama by the wide margin that is currently projected. That's important in Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Now we have very interesting news from Nevada where exit polling of early voters indicate that Obama has a very narrow two point lead:

Clark County, which includes Las Vegas and its surrounding area, has 68.7 percent of the registered voters in the state. Washoe County, which includes Reno, has 18.6 percent of the registered voters in the state.

In Clark County, Democrats hold a 46.3 percent to 32.3 percent edge in voter registration. In Washoe County, the split is 39.2 percent Democrat, 38.7 percent Republican.

With those numbers, you would expect Obama to be ahead by a much wider margin. Unless that poll of the early voters was way off — and this pollster managed to reach roughly one out of every 43 early voters; think about that when you see a poll of 1,000 designed to represent a national voting pool of 120-130 million voters! — a considerable number of Democrats and independents/unaffiliateds in Nevada are voting for McCain.

No pollster has had McCain ahead in Nevada since the end of September. So why is McCain so dramatically overperforming among early voters who are disproportionately Democrats?

On that cheery note, I will see you tommorow. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

Obama: Working Hard for the Taxpayer:

LA Times: If We Release the Obama-Khalidi Tape Something Bad May Happen to Our Source

'Hope and Change' Terrorism Alert:

Charles Johnson reveals communications between Gary Weitman, spokesman for the Times’ parent company Tribune and a reader who complained about the LA Times' refusal to release the tape. Mr. Weitman stated that the LA Times has an agreement with the source not to reveal the tape and that "to break that agreement might put the source of the tape in jeopardy".

Really? By who? That's quit an admission from the LA Times and a huge news story in and of itself. So this all comes down to the possibility that certain Obama thugs may harm the LA Times source if they release the tape? So this has nothing to do with the LA Times' political bias and more to do with the safety of their source who may be "put in jeopardy" should the tape be revealed?

Welcome to our new world folks. The Thugocracy of America... the hip-hop President hasn't even been elected yet and already the fear factor is kicking in to the point that a major news organization fears that its source may be put in "jeopardy" for exposing bad news.

Andrew C. McCarthy at National Review exposes with mathematical precision the complete lack of journalistic ethics that the LA Times is engaged in. Mere Rhetoric has images from todays protest in front of the LA Times building.

Update: Erica Jong, another liberal running her mouth off:
"If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. And it's not a coincidence that President Bush recalled soldiers from Iraq for Dick Cheney to lead against American citizens in the streets."
So you better vote for Obama or there will be "blood in the streets".

Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg: McCain Leads 49-45 over Obama Among Floridians Who have Voted Early

If this poll is accurate, It's pretty clear that McCain can carry Florida. Republicans continued to show traditional strength, leading 50 percent to the Democrats' 30 percent in the 1.2 million absentee ballots already returned. Unlike most media reports in the tank for Obama, this thing is very far from over.

Poll: Iraqis would vote McCain: No surprise there since Obama has publicly committed to abandoning Iraqi civilian to their fate and surrender the country to Al Qaeda. Additionally, Obama says that he will sit down with that homicidal maniac Ahamedinejad in Iran.

So what we have here is something amazing: Iraqi Arabs and Israeli Jews agree that Obama would be a disaster.

U.S. absentee voters in Israel back McCain over Obama by 3-1

I believe these polls are too weighted towards Orthodox Jews and the huge margin is probably more like a two to one, not three to one. The polls, which were conducted by the Jerusalem-based research firm Keevon, starkly contrast with polls among Jewish voters in the United States, which give a comfortable lead to Obama. Experts estimate that nearly a quarter of a million American citizens live in Israel, about 45,000 requested absentee ballots.

It is interesting to note that the Level of support for McCain among Jewish voters in Israel is about the same level of support that Obama enjoys among Jewish voters in the United States. In general, both in the US and in Israel, Jewish voters who place Israel's security higher up on their list of concerns are more likely to vote for McCain, while Jewish voters who place other concern such as abortion and the environment higher up on their list of concerns, tend to lean more towards Obama.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palin: If there is a Pulitzer Prize for 'Excellence in Kowtowing,' The LA Times Should Win

I have been trying to reach the LA Times to personally extend to them an offer of $150,000 from Dune Capital for the Obama-Kahilidi-Ayres tape. Unfortunately, there is a firewall around the entire editorial staff. I was able to reach Ashley Powers who is listed as head of their Las Vegas "BUREAU" (probably a dark tiny basement with a phone somewhere). Anyway, I asked Powers for the direct lines of anyone in the Los Angeles Times able to field and consider this $150,000 offer. Powers immediately got sooty: "Sir, that's not how journalism work...sir." She didn't want to be interviewed either. Wow! And these folk call themselves a "news" organization. Anyway, Sarah Palin described the LA Times today as winners of the Pulitzer Prize in kowtowing.

DUNE CAPITAL offering $150,000 for Release of the Obama-Rashid Khalidi - William Ayres Tape

I'm still suspicious, but I'll play along for now...
In an earlier post I expressed my concern about the validity of the Dune Capital offer to pay $150,000 for the Los Angeles Times Obama-Khalidi-Ayres video tape. I have since received an e-mail from Mr. Grimaldi. He has given me permission to post it:

Mr. Gelman,

Our activity is limited to Asia and Europe - there would be no reason for us to appear in American media; there have been a few instances where were mentioned by name but those were quickly addressed with a cease and desist - we have a publicist on retainer to keep our investment activities in the private equity space out of the public press to avoid speculation.

I am indeed a Global Macro Multi-strat Hedge Fund Manager. My attorney, Mr. Williams, has been in private practice since 1993 strictly and exclusively representing a UHNW Family in Monaco, again no reason for him to be in the media or on the internet. The funds are "SA" companies for privacy reasons, the parent holdings company (Dune Capital Holdings)is a Cayman Islands Firm.

Hedge funds (very rarely) are registered as Delaware or New York LLCs,there's always a funnel for extra protection and tax advantages -furthermore, I am attaching an overview of how these funds are structured. You may want to research compliance and regulatory issues with the hedge fund industry - Sarbanes Oxley, BASEL II Accord, SEC Hedge Fund Marketing restrictions, etc.

Again, to confirm, we are live people, ready, willing and able to execute on the referenced promise of a reward for the exclusive submission of the Obama footage.

Best regards,

Aston Grimaldi II
Chief Investment Officer
Dune Capital Holdings

UPDATE: I have received a long and detailed e-mail from Mr. Grimaldi of Dune Capital. I am waiting for his permission to post it.

UPDATE: The Hill Blog have NOW interviewed Mr Grimaldi, describe him as a "hedge fund manager": Grimaldi, speaking on the phone in Monaco, said that he would pay his reward out of one of his personal accounts. Grimaldi, a citizen of both the United States and Monaco, said he read about the tape in the International Herald Tribune and has heard from Israeli friends who want to see it. One of the most important things they look at in a potential candidate is the viewpoint on Israeli relations," he said. Grimaldi said it was "incredibly unfair" for the Times not to release the tape. "It shows an incredible bias," he said.

Click on image to enlarge:

Fox News Slams the LA Times on Khalidi-Obama Tape

Media War

In complete violation of basic journalistic standards and ethics, the LA Times is refusing to release a tape showing Senator Barack Obama heaping praise on PLO radical Rashid Khalidi (in photo). The LA Times is determined it seems to run out the election clock to cover for Obama.

Gateway Pundit has been doing very good work on this scandal. The tape is clearly newsworthy, it is a reflection on Senator Obama of which the public has the right to judge for itself... before an election. The LA Times seem to think that they are doing some kind of public service by hiding the news from the public. This is how far old establishment news outlets have deteriorated; many like the Times have simply become corrupt shills and partisan bag men. Keep it up LA Times, you are destroying the tiny bit of credibility you have left.

UPDATE: The LA Times acknowledges the video tape in question but says that it won't release the tape because "we promised the source that we would not release it." REALLLLLY! Why would anyone give the LA Times a newsworthy video and tell then not to use it? Why would the LA Times accept such a condition? Are they a news organization or news cover-up organization? For the LA Times, it's less important that the public have access to information to make an informed decision before a national election, than it is to keep a "source" happy... assuming that their excuse is not just that, an lame excuse. Is there a single person on the planet who seriously believes that if the LA Times had such a tape on McCain, they would hide behind such a lame excuse to avoid releasing it? This would not even be a discussion had the tape involved anything embarrassing about McCain, it would have been released long ago.

Update: LA Times had no problem publishing Gov. Schwarzenegger's Candid Moments Caught on Audiotape without authorization. So illegally taped, without authorization audio is OK for the LA Time to publish, but it's not OK to publish when a "source" gives you a newsworty item, and for some very strange reason "asks" you not to use it... does this pass the smell test? Simple answer, NO. 

UPDATE: SCHLUSSEL EXCLUSIVE: Ali Abunimah is Likely Source of Secreted Obama/Khalidi/Ayres Tape; LA Times' Wallsten Plagiarized Schlussel Back in April, Said Politico

Gun Sales Skyrocket On Fear of Obama Presidency

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Change: Not Always a Good Thing:

Remember that creepy video of "Obama Youth" singing for the dear leader? Somebody managed to make it even creepier just in time for Halloween. This one sent a real chill down my spine:

h/t: Flopping Aces

Sticking to the same theme of "Change: Not Always a Good Thing", if you have a moment, please watch this remarkable video from a gentlemen named Foster Friess, as he calmly and methodically examines Obama's political skills. Judge for yourself:

Ace of Spades Offers $25,000 for the LA Times, Obama-Khalidi Tape

ACE: "Pretty pathetic that we have to try to bribe "newsmen" to release newsworthy tapes."
I think the LA Time will have no choice but to release newsworthy information BEFORE the election. This is killing them. I can't imagine a news organization looking more pathetic than by suppressing the news.

The LA Times Refuse to Release Tape of Obama Heaping Praise on PLO Radical Rashid Khalidi

In complete violation of basic journalistic standards and ethics, the LA Times is refusing to release a tape showing Senator Barack Obama heaping praise on PLO radical Rashid Khalidi (in photo). The LA Times is determined it seems to run out the election clock to cover for Obama.

Gateway Pundit has been doing very good work on this scandal. The tape is clearly newsworthy, it is a reflection on Senator Obama of which the public has the right to judge for itself... before an election. The LA Times seem to think that they are doing some kind of public service by hiding the news from the public. This is how far old establishment news outlets have deteriorated; many like the Times have simply become corrupt shills and partisan bag men. Keep it up LA Times, you are destroying the tiny bit of credibility you have left.

UPDATE: The LA Times acknowledges the video tape in question but says that it won't release the tape because "we promised the source that we would not release it." REALLLLLY! Why would anyone give the LA Times a newsworthy video and tell then not to use it? Why would the LA Times accept such a condition? Are they a news organization or news cover-up organization? For the LA Times, it's less important that the public have access to information to make an informed decision before a national election, than it is to keep a "source" happy... assuming that their excuse is not just that, an lame excuse. Is there a single person on the planet who seriously believes that if the LA Times had such a tape on McCain, they would hide behind such a lame excuse to avoid releasing it? This would not even be a discussion had the tape involved anything embarrassing about McCain, it would have been released long ago.

Update: LA Times had no problem publishing Gov. Schwarzenegger's Candid Moments Caught on Audiotape without authorization.

Official Denial Communique from the French Embassy in Washington Sent to The Neocon Express


Dear Sir,

The remarks attributed by the newspaper Haaretz to the President of the French Republic concerning Senator Obama's positions on Iran are groundless. To the contrary, the in-depth discussions between the President of the Republic and Senator Obama on Iran during their meeting in Paris in July demonstrated a broad convergence of views on this issue. President Sarkozy and Senator Obama agree to oppose Iran's development of a military nuclear capability.

We were pretty much the first blog to expand on the Haartz article. I am not surprised that the Government of France would go so far as to issue an official denial, but directly to little old me? But since I did report it, it seems only fair to post the denial as well. Of course, I am not surprised at the denial, and I also would not be surprised if the Haaretz article is accurate. I also love the way the message is so vague as to be completely meaningless: "President Sarkozy and Senator Obama agree to oppose Iran's development of a military nuclear capability." Gee, really, you don't say? Well, at least their not IN FAVOR of nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran's Mullahs. I guess that's a plus.

The following was my response to the French Embassy:

Ms. Animya N'TCHANDY
Press Attaché
Embassy of France

Thank you for your official communique; for the sake of fairness, we have posted your denial on our site at None the less, we continue to believe that Senator Obama represents a grave threat to the security of Israel, and in the long run to the security of France because of his repeated promotion of an appeasement policy toward the Iranian regime and its dangerous pursuit of nuclear weapons. We do not believe that Senator Obama will confront the Iranian threat before it is too late. Sincerely,

Joe Gelman
Neocon Express

Lets Drag This Man Kicking And Screaming Across The Finish Line... first

One week to go: Gallop - 2%

Like all of us, he's imperfect; he's cantankerous, his campaign is lousy and he suffers from occasional bouts of self-righteousness. A monkey can read a teleprompter better than him. But compared to the Socialist Messiah... well, there's no comparison. For the country's sake, and despite every effort of his campaign to lose, we have no alternative but to drag his rear end across the finish line first.
Ohio Judge: Hey, It's perfectly OK to list voter registration addresses as a park bench somewhere

Dem Chairman Dean: One Party Rule Would be Great!

More 'Hope and Change' in Massachusetts

The Daily 'Hope and Change' Terrorism Alert

Police said Obama supporters entered a small Republican Party office for volunteers and sprayed Mace on five of the workers and physically assaulted one. "They came in for the purpose of starting trouble," Bryant said. "You could tell that they planned it. I thought he might have something else, like a gun."

Police caught up with the two as they attempted to drive away. One was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault, the other with five counts of misdemeanor assault. More 'Hope and Change'. The complete MSM pass continues...

Wayne Huizenga may rush sale of Miami Dolphins for fear of Barack Obama taxes

Inspector general investigating access to Joe the Plumber's personal information. In the photo, we have Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. This government employee is also a max donor to Barak Obama. When Joe the Plumber's name came up (and not in a good way for Obama), Helen Jones-Kelly ordered her department to check the state child-support computer system for information on "Joe the Plumber," to determine if he was current or not on any ordered child-support payments. She said there were no political reasons for the sudden check on the sudden presidential campaign fixture though the Support Enforcement Tracking System.
Nawww, of course not.

Here is a lovely little sentiment: OBAMA COMPARED U.S. TO NAZI GERMANY... On tape!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarkozy: Obama's Position on Iran "Utterly Immature"

"Utterly Immature and Empty of all Content"
French President Nicolas Sarkozy is very critical of U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama's position on Iran, according to reports that have reached Israel's government. Apparently, Sarkozy views the Democratic candidate's stance on Iran as "utterly immature" and comprised of "formulations empty of all content."

I thought that with Obama's election "the world" was going to respect us again. I didn't realize they would already be calling us immature and empty of all content... and the man hasn't even been elected. Of course, Sarkozy is correct. I never thought I would see the day when I would be agreeing with a leader of France over our President...want-a-be.

As always. I am greatful to Gateway Pundit for the link.

A Clear Socialist on the Verge of Winning White House Bid

Last night I posted on Obama expressing clear redistributionist, Socialist opinions in this 2001 taped interview. He mentions his views on the most efficient method of achieving "redistribution of wealth" and "economic justice" in America. Now we have Obama on tape expressing his view that the US Constitution reflects an "enormous blind spot" and "the fundamental flaw of this country to this day." We also have the New York Times, printing Obama's sentiment that he is "not interested in the suburbs, the suburbs bore me".

Don't take my word for it, listen to his own words. Clearly, the United States is on the verge of electing the most radical Socialist to ever occupy the White House, and most Americans are completely unaware of his real views that have been expressed openly by him, on tape, before running for President. Naturally upon becoming a candidate, he has adjusted his rhetoric.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Guillotine at Obama Rally in Denver

Now imagine a McCain supporter bringing a giant prop suggesting that Obama's head should be chopped off. Let me assure you the media wouldn't find it funny in the slightest. Yet this kind of stuff gets a complete pass if it comes from the Obama camp, considered just harmless fun:
El Marco has a bunch of photo's from this whacked out rally where even children were used for "inspiring" pro-Obama messages like this one:

In West Hollywood, some guy is hanging an effigy of Sarah Palin from a noose in his front yard. Now imagine somebody handing an effigy of Obama from their front yard.

Bombshell: Obama Expresses His Clear Support for Socialism in America

Bombshell: Obama expresses clear redistributionist, Socialist opinions in 2001 interview. Discusses the most efficient method of achieving "redistribution of wealth" and "economic justice" in America. He does not question if socialism is a good idea, he only questions how to achieve the "redistribution of wealth" politically in America:

If this doesn't give people pause, than welcome to socialism in America. Watch how the establishment media ignore this; and watch how Obama spins this. My prediction? Obama will say: "Well, it depends on how you define 'redistribution of wealth' and how you define 'economic justice'... it's not the same as socialism, that's just the interpretation of right wing extremists taking my words out of context." Mark my words.

If You Look Carefully, There Are Signs of Hope for McCain...

I have already voted for McCain, the big-time pollsters based in New York and California have it for Obama. But if you look carefully, there are signs of hope:

1) During the primaries, Obama consistently polled better in exit polls than he actually performed, usually by a margin of about 7%, meaning that if he was ahead by 10 percent, he usually won by around 3 percent. If he was ahead by 5%, he more often than not lost.

2) In virtually every presidential campaign since 1976, pollsters have overestimated the margin in favor of the Democrat candidate, whether they lost or won. Carter won by a much smaller margin than expected against Ford. In 1980 Reagan won by a landslide even though a week out he was slightly behind in some polls. Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Kerry... all polled better than they actually performed on election day.

3) A number of pollsters are pointing out that this campaign is unpredictable and the polling data this cycle is unusually unstable; And are flat out predicting that McCain will perform better than the polls indicate.

4) A number of polls have the race much tighter than others on a national basis, and a few polls have McCain up in the key states of Florida and Ohio for example. One polling company even received death threats today for releasing a poll showing McCain pulling ahead in Ohio.

On balance, I would say that Obama has a slight advantage but certainly does not have this thing in the bag as much of the media seem to be proclaiming. There is clearly a concerted effort by a large element of the media establishment who are clearly in the tank for Obama to demoralize and suppress Republican turnout by giving the impression that this is over. DON'T FALL FOR IT. GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE!!!

Murtha and Biden: Accurately quoted on SNL, Only it's a Comedy Skit

Jeez, I could have written that skit in five minutes just taking the direct quotes from their speech's. No real work there. Notice how for Palin they have to stretch and use a spot-on imitation actress to get a laugh, but for Biden they can just put up anyone and quote him directly for a laugh, no need for too much embellishment, the facts are funny enough:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Night Lite: William Shatner "Campaigns" for Obama

Maybe it's just my sick sense of humor. Roll the videotape:

The New National Anthem

Saturday Night Lite:

Via Jawa

"Osama Bin Laden" and "Adolph Hitler" Have Contributed to the Obama Campaign....

Here is convicted felon Tony Rezko's contribution:

Gateway and Powerline have been all over this story. As it turns out, the Obama campaign is engaged in the largest, fraudulent campaign financing scheme ever committed and the entire media are looking the other way. Don't believe me? Simply go here to the official Obama on-line contributions site and type in the following:

First Name: Adolph
Last Name: Hitler
Address: 1 Richstag Rd.
City: Berlin
The Amount You Want to Contribute:

Fill in any valid credit card number and expiration date, whether you are the owner of the card or not, and then press the submit button. You will get a whole hearted "thank you" from the Obama campaign and the money goes right to the Obama for President bank acount. WOW!

Obama Campaign Nixes Interviews With TV Station after Inconvenient Questions Were Asked

Apparently, this lady from WFTV has not gotten the memo that only McCain-Palin are allowed to be asked inconvenient questions. Socialists are not allowed to be questioned... or else. WFTV is now officially on the black list and will be boycotted for having asked the following questions of Joe Biden:

William Ayres, Obama's Friend and Mentor Has a New Book Out:

Let's all rush to the store! I wonder if Obama will be praising this book like he has done for past Ayres' books? As somebody pointed out in the comment section; perhaps Obama will appoint him Secretary of Education:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Night Images

OMG!!! Hillary Think's Al Franken is What The Country Needs Right Now

Here is a hilarious skit from Saturday Night Live....oh no wait, it's real!

And she says is all with a straight face! I literally burst out laughing... was I wrong to think this was a joke? We are about to turn the keys to the asylum over to the inmates.

Las Vegas Sands Shares Have Gone From a Little Over $140 per Share to just over $5 Per Share

Owner Sheldon Adelson's net worth has gone from an average of $26 billion dollars to somewhere around $1.5 billion. You think you are having a bad year? For the past few years Sheldon Adelson has been one of the largest, if not the single largest contributor to the Republican Party in the United States, and a major donor to Jewish and other causes world wide. Good lord! We wish Adelson well in weathering this storm.

McCain Volunteer Reportedly Confesses to Making Up Attack Story

Looks like Michelle Malkin got it right, I'm glad I posted a caution on that as well.

London 1904

Fascinating and delightful, rare moving images of London 104 years ago. the London of Sherlock Holmes. Really not that long ago in historic terms but it seems like a different world. Thanks to Powerline for the heads up.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Iran and the New York Times Endorse Obama... on the same day

I'm not sure which endorsement is more offensive: Iran today openly endorsed Barack Obama for president, Describing Obama as: "more flexible and rational." Fittingly, in an ugly screed, the New York Times joined Iran in that endorsement, accusing McCain of running a campaign with "hints of racism" and formally endorsed Obama. What a shock!

And now for some good news: New York Times stock and profits continue to plummet like a manhole cover falling from the sky. Standard & Poors said it was lowering the Times's credit rating to JUNK STATUS.

Why would anyone read the New York Times when you can get far more news and information from your average blog run by a guy sitting in his Pajamas at home? Seriously, check out this blog alone if you don't believe me. You can read every wire service, every news outlet in the world through this single website, or many other blogs for that matter that may reflect your opinions and tastes. I can't wait for that dinosaur, the New York Times to go broke. I urge shareholders to dump this disgusting stock that is the single largest symbol of outdated technology and ideas in America.

American Jews Cannot Be Counted on For Israel's Security... And Israel Knows it.

It's embarrassing but true: Just as the vast majority of American Jews could not be counted on to stand up for European Jews during the height of the Holocaust, a solid majority of American Jews also cannot be counted on to put Israel's survival anywhere near the top of their concerns when going to the voting booth in November, or on any other occasion for that matter. Proof positive of that can be found in the polling data.

The Jerusalem Post pretty much summed this up recently in an editorial titled: We HOPE Obama will be supportive of Israel... we KNOW McCain will. That American Jews would be willing to gamble with "hope" above a proven commodity when it comes to Israel's survival, tells you exactly how important Israel ranks with a majority of Jews in the United States. I could hardly imagine a clearer test than this election. From the beginning of Israel's existence, only a small minority of American Jews courageously took to the cause of it's survival. Most American Jews have other causes on their minds: Abortion on demand, getting rich, socialism (I know, it's a contradiction), gun control, environmentalism, Liberalism and Democratic party politics have, to most, become a complete substitute for actual Judaism.

That is the sad state of affairs with American Jews. AIPAC tries to put on a brave face as if they represent a vast consensus of American Jews, when in fact, it's more like 20% of American Jews who rank Israel near the top of their concerns. The real force behind Israel's cause in the US comes not from the Jewish community but from the tens of millions of Americans, mostly but not exclusively religious Christian's and others who see Israel as an extension of American values, of Western values and a miraculous, historic redemption in our lifetime. Israel has been wise to look well beyond American Jews for the support it needs to survive.

Nude Pictures of Obama's Mother Appear on the Internet

OK, you want to know what crossing the line is? This is crossing the line! It appears that authentic (not photoshopped) nude photo's of Ann Dunham (Obama's Mother) are now circulating all over the Internet. I find that disgusting and wrong on every level even if they turn out to be fake. This will not damage Obama, it will backfire and will only create a greater degree of sympathy for him. I am flat out shocked and disgusted; and no I am not being sarcastic. I oppose Obama but this is inexcusable.

Of course it was also inexcusable to go after Sarah Palin's family in that way as well, but we didn't get many protests from our "friends" on the left when that happened. Nope, that was all celebrated on TV shows like Bill Maher; Ha ha, isn't sooo funny that Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant? Ha ha. And Sarah Palin isn't Trig's real mom, ha, ha. Let's see how the left reacts in this case.

Daily 'Hope and Change' Terrorism Update #2:

McCain volunteer Ashley Todd
'Hope and Change' terrorists strike again today, this time in Pittsburgh and earlier in Florida. An Obama supporter carved a "B" on the McCain volunteer's face, after pummeling her. These types of incidents are being reported around the country, every day now. the establishment media, predictably, are looking the other way, busy reporting on the price of Sarah Palin's shoes. Earlier today, we reported on another home with a McCain sign that was shot up in Florida.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin makes the point that these types of cases have often proven to be staged by the victim. She points to the backwards "B" carved on her face as if it was done in a mirror. Good point. Maybe we should wait a bit on this one.

Mr. Obama's Neighborhood.... indeed

YOU THINK IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE? A former member of William Ayres' Weather Underground discusses the philosophy and goals of the Weather Underground.

You see, most liberals view the Weather Underground as a misguided element of their coalition that just went too far 40 years ago. Their objectives of "ending the war" were commendable and their intentions were good, but they just went too far by bombing and killing. That's how somebody like Obama can get away with saying "Bill Ayres is an English Professor in Chicago who happens to live in my neighborhood who did some bad things when I was eight years old." WOW!

Either Obama is a extraordinarily naive, or he is doing some serious covering up here (perhaps a little of both). A quick reminder: Obama started his political career in William Ayres' living room. He served for years on the same boards with him. They shard an office at the same address for years. Their wives worked at the same law firm for years (Ayres is married to terrorist Bernardine Dohrn). William Ayres has been loudly and publicly unrepentant... etc... etc... "just a guy who lives in my neighborhood" indeed.

Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism: A Communist manifesto written and published in 1974 by William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and other members of the Weather Underground:

"Just a guy in my neighborhood..."

Is a man ever to be judged by the company he keeps, or is everything a simple mater of "guilt by association"? If Charles Manson was my friend for many years, would any of that be a reflection on me? Or do I get a complete pass just by saying that I disagree with Manson's behavior with regard to the people he murdered, and point out that Manson committed his crimes when I was eight years old? Hello? is there anybody home?

John McCain: Not a "Community Organizer"

When one looks at the life and experience of John McCain compared to Barack Obama, the contrast is mind boggling. One is a genuine American hero, the other is the product of a racist, corrupt Chicago political machine weened on the hatred of America. I wish I was wrong on this, I wish I was taking it our of context, but the truth is the truth and the establishment media have been actively covering for Obama.

The Daily 'Hope & Change' Terrorisim Report

Republican HQ Manager's Home was Shot Up Over McCain Signs. The home of a Central Florida Republican headquarters manager was shot up and damaged over his support of Sen. John McCain.

"All I can tell you is this, I have a very good relationship with my neighbors," Coverely said. "I mow my lawn. The only thing that has changed is I have two McCain signs in my front yard...It says this campaign is getting vicious,"

'Hope and Change' daily terror update: McCain supporter attacked with knife. Letter B carved into her face. Attacker became angry when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on her car

Iran: We prefer Obama
Obama supporters: Investigate Catholic Bishop

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

US Media is out-doing old Pravda, by a mile!

Media Brainwashing on a scale never seen before in the United States, in the worst tradition of the old socialist regimes of Eastern Europe.

THE FIX IS IN: With the exception of Fox News, the entire US media establishment is so far in the tank for Obama that they have managed to put old Pravda to shame. I have never seen in my lifetime a more controlled and coordinated media effort to lie, cheat and deceive, in an all out effort to force Barack Obama on the American public. Every single one of them: ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times. They have no shame. They have clearly and collectively made a calculated decision here and the fix is in. Willful blindness is the order of the day when it comes to the gigantic elephant in the room, which is Obama's highly questionable past, bizarre associations and mind boggling inexperience. Yet no minor negative detail about Sarah Palin is too small for the front page. There is not a single ethical one in the lot. GOOD LORD! Will the last honest reporter please turn on the lights?

A Message From F. Garvin, Ph.D, S.J. - A Regular Reader of the Neocon Express

Hello Friends: Before pulling the lever on November 4th, here's some factual information on Barack H. Obama.
Obama favors a tax plan which he says will tax only wealthy people, then turn around and give it back to 95% of other tax payers.  Why not just leave people alone, since the wealthiest 1% of the population already pay a crushing 40% of fed income taxes?  Also, the top 5% of earners pay 60% of fed taxes.
Approximately 40% of all earners or 10 million people pay no fed tax.  Zero.  No matter, BHO will provide them a tax credit (your money) anyway.  He will be taking money from taxpayers and giving it directly to those who pay zero tax.  This is normally called welfare. 
    -Obama believes that tax code should be used to penalize people he disfavors, not solely a source of income to run govt.  Recently in his video w/ Joe the Plumber, Obama said, "When you spread the wealth around, it's good for everyone."  This belief is straight out of the thinking of Karl Marx, who is famously quoted, "From each according to his ability to each according to his need."  
    -Higher marginal tax rates actually generate less income tax, as tax payers either stop working harder, hide more income or avoid selling capital assets.  Lower rates generate more tax revenue.  In recent years, the Treasury has set repeated records of income tax revenue.  
     -US Govt. annual budget is $2.8 trillion.  Fed overspent this year by $450 billion and w/ all the bailouts next year's excess could approach $1trillion!  This deficit far exceeds the profits of all the Fortune 500 US companies combined (oil companies included).  Still, this is not enough for BHO.  He wants to spend more and will raise taxes as needed to do it.    
    -Already US corp taxes 2nd highest in developed world, almost 40%.  This means after paying all their expenses, corp.'s must give fed a huge chuck of money; in comparison, Ireland's tax is apx. 12%. Irish economy has been booming for years.  When you hear about jobs going overseas, think about the current taxes.  And BHO wants even more!  
Has voted to the left of even the most ardent feminists supporting abortion, like CA Sen. Barbara Boxer.  Boxer supported a fed law providing med care to aborted babies born alive.  The "Born Alive" bill passed the US Senate 98-0.  As IL state Sen., Obama voted to kill a similar bill, despite tearful testimony from the delivery nurse who pushed for the law.  This nurse was once assigned to assist a saline abortion of a Down syndrome baby, whom miraculously survived and was born alive.  With her heart breaking, she held the poor baby in her hands for 45 minutes before he died.  Later, the baby was tossed out w/ other med waste trash.  This is infanticide, child murder.  What kind of society legalizes this barbarity?  BHO voted to allow it to continue.  
$4/gallon gas was the tipping point.  Detroit's Big 3 are bleeding like never before, tens of thousands have already been fired, thousands more are at grave risk.  Obama's only complaint with $4 gas was that it rose too fast.  Chrysler faces bankrupcy soon, GM's not far behind.  
Obama opposes drilling for more oil within the US.  By tapping this vast resource, we could generate great jobs, cut our dependence on bad nations, dry up their petro-dollars they use to fund worldwide terrorism and create a huge stream of tax revenue for the US.  
Has consistently associated w/ corrupt, hate-filled, radical, leftists groups, which are determined to reconfigure the US in their socialist values.  "Socialism" means the state (politicians) controlling the means of production.  This means they--based on their sense of "fairness," "equality" and "justice"--decide how much YOU can keep of your own hard work; which groups get benefits and which groups get penalized.  
As an extreme example of socialism, look to Stalin's Soviet Union farm program in the 1930s which drove farm production literally into the ground, yielding mass starvation.  Since innovation, initiative, risk-taking and hard work were not rewarded, everyone sat back and let somebody else do all the work.  
       -ACORN, acronym for a radical "community organizing" group, is currently illegally, mass registering Democrat voters in key swing states.  Group is also linked to mortgage crisis.  For years, group has shaken-down banks into making unwise loans to bad credit people, who ultimately defaulted.  Much of group's operating income sourced from lawsuit settlements from banks, which capitulated so as to be relieved of being further tarred as "racists."  Group also receives tax payer funds.  Original bailout bill assigned $20 billion to further fund groups like ACORN.  Republicans succeeded in deleting this in final bill.  
     -Favorite tactic was to form a mob protest in front of the homes of the bank's executives, all in an effort to intimidate bankers into making bad loans to bad people.  ACORN succeeded.  Obama represented ACORN in at least one of these legal shakedowns.  
     -In a December 2007 town hall meeting w/ "community organizers," BHO told them he will invite them into his administration to help shape his agenda for the US.  His campaign gave $800K to ACORN for a "get out the vote" drive.  
*US Government Sponsored Enterprises: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.  As US Senator, BHO received $126K in less than two years from these businesses, along w/ Dems Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.  These GSE's guaranteed the performance of these bad credit loans, thus allowing Wall Street to sell them as top rated investments.  When the underlying bad borrowers defaulted, the packaged loans collapsed in a house of cards.  McCain and other Republicans tried to reign-in these insane guarantees, but Dems shot down any reforms as "unecessary," implying that anyone against expanding "affordable housing" was racist.  In fact, GSE loan guarantees expanded after McCain's effort.  Over the last few years, approximately 30% of loan guarantees were to bad credit people.  
*Tony Rezko, Chicago-area developer.  Rezko now in federal prison for multiple counts of fraud and bribery.  Rezko was early supporter of BHO, offered him a job, in turn, BHO secured letters of recommendation or tax-payer funds directly to Rezko to develop "affordable housing" for poor people.  As is common in Chicago machine politics, Rezko would give even more support to BHO.  Seventeen of Rezko's 30 developments are foreclosed, more than once cutting off heat to poor tenants in the dead of Chicago's brutal winters.  Chicago has sued Rezko 12+ times for failing to heat the properties.  This is commonly known as a "slum lord."  Despite having no operating capital to support his slums, Rezko continued donating money to BHO.  
*Reverend Jerimiah Wright, head pastor of Trinity United Church.  Church's teaching based on "Black Value System."  At its root is a hatred of white people, and a grievance belief-system arguing that whites are the source of all that is wrong in the world, including introducing AIDS into the black community.  Wright became infamous for his DVD speech, condemning the US for bringing on the 911 mass murder.  It was our fault.  BHO regularly attended Wright's sermons, donated $20K to his church, stated that Wright brought Christ to him, married BHO and his wife, and baptized their two children.  
    -When Writght's hate-filled rants made public, BHO stated he couldn't comdemn Wright more than he could condemn his grandmother (the person who raised him).  BHO equated his grandmother once stating she feared an aggressive black panhandler to those vile statements from Wright.  When pressure built further, BHO condemned Wright.  
    - Domestic terrorist William Ayers, part of Weather Underground, radical '60s group, which exploded bombs at the US Capitol, Pentagon, NYC police HQ and a judge's home.  Because FBI illegally wiretapped him, Ayers walked free, later laughing he was 'guilty as sin and free as a bird.'  Obama launched his political career w/ direct support from Ayers.  When initially challenged, BHO said he hardly knew him; today he states that he thought Ayers had been "rehabilitated."  Usually one gets rehabbed through prison.  Recent Ayers video shows him giving speech in Venezuela, a nation ruled under the iron fist of US-hating Hugo Chavez.     
Supports a union-sponsored bill that will forbid potential union shops to vote secretly.  Instead, all workers' votes open, thus targets for intimidation.  Likely result will be wave of private sector unionization.  Almost as certain, more businesses will abandon US production and move away.    
BHO portrays himself an agent of "change."  He has zero track record of such "change."  For example, Chicago machine politics is one of the most corrupt in US, while a state Sen., he did nothing to change this.  His power base is rooted in this corruption.  
Chicago schools have one of the shortest class day, getting out at 1:45 pm, $spending  among the highest in the nation, and have some of the lowest test scores.  Teachers can earn $100K/year.  No matter short changing inner-city children, BHO needs the votes of the teachers union more than he cares about the education of the poor.
Look at all these true facts and decide if you really want a socialist country, because that's what he wants.  Forward to anyone interested in knowing the truth.  
F. Garvin, Ph.D, S.J.

Just Another Yard Sign in Maine

Evil bad worse person in the world puts a sign up in his front yard. Apparently, this guy hasn't gotten the message from the mainstream media about the limitations of free speech and how he should be more "careful" in the age of Obama:

Police Prepare for Violent Backlash if Obama Loses


Not that any voters should feel intimidated of course...

Police departments across the country are quietly preparing for the possibility that Barack Obama will lose the election. Some openly worry that if Barack Obama loses and there is suspicion of foul play in the election, violence could ensue in cities "with large minority populations..." and beyond (Personally, I'm more concerned about these insane white "liberals" who are so prone to violence and inciting violence). It is a pretty safe bet that if Obama does lose, there will be an immediate outcry of foul play from the usual race agitators whether true of false.

It is interesting to note on the other hand that nobody seriously believes that violence will follow should John McCain lose the election. That is a loud statement in and of itself as to which party's followers have a higher propensity for violence.

'Hope and Change' Terrorists Arrive at Senator Norm Coleman's House

Supporters of the community organizer who only "lived in the same neighborhood" with a notorious terrorist, vandalized Senator Norm Coleman's home with a threatening message. Why is it that we hardly ever see such incidents coming from the other side? And why is it that the media is actively covering up these incidents that are happening all across the country every day now? More 'hope and change' here.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Type of Ads that McCain Should have Been Running Since March:

I have deleted my comments about the McCain campaign in this post because in afterthought, they were too defeatist. From now on I will try to leave my serious criticisms of the McCain campaign until after the election.

Testing Obama? Top Tehran officials recommend preemptive strike against Israel

Senior Tehran officials are recommending a preemptive strike against Israel to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear reactors, a senior Islamic Republic official told foreign diplomats two weeks ago in London. Meanwhile, the not always reliable Debka File is reporting that Iran will be in a position to construct their first nuclear bomb by this coming February.

The gap between the November elections and inauguration day on January 20th will be Bush's last chance to avoid being labeled the man who stood by and did nothing as Iran went nuclear. The Iranian threat of a preemptive strike against Israel is certainly a senario that is consistant with the "test" that Biden says Senator Obama will face should he be elected.

Albright and Biden: Obama will bring major crisis, but hey, he's our guy

No words necessary:

Only a few years ago, liberals accused Colin Powell of being an Uncle Tom and a "war criminal" for arguing in the UN for the use of force against Saddam Hussein. It is truly amazing what a racist endorsement of Obama will do for ones image:

Yesterday's turd is today's hero

Why do we need to invade Iraq? You see, in this little bottle Saddam Hussein has enough poison to destroy the world:
But I'm not really saying that, it's those evil Bush people putting words in my mouth, I'm just a decoration being forced by evil people in the Bush Administration to say it. I'm not responsible for a single thing that comes out of my mouth, I'm just a stooge you see. A real patsy.

Albright: To say that Electing Obama will invite a Crisis is "a statement of fact"

Doesn't Madeline Albright know that for the sake of her own candidate she should strictly avoid telling the truth at this stage of the campaign? Doesn't she know that she should be lying through her teeth like Obama himself?

It's like a wave of uncharacteristic honesty is sweeping over senior Democrats: First it was Joe Biden telling us that electing Obama will invite a massive international crisis within six months of his presidency and that Obama's poll numbers are going to tank shortly after the election because of the policies he will pursue. Then Barney Frank shouted loudly on CNBC that the time has come to increase taxes and increase spending and forget about the deficit. Now we have Madeline Albright stating that to say that electing obama will precipitate an international crisis is "a statement of fact." Ahhh the truth, how refreshing.

Barney Frank: We Need to Increase Spending and Raise Taxes

I will give this to Barney Frank: Just like Joe Biden truthfully mentioning that Obama's election will precipitate an international crisis, Barney Frank is telling you exactly what the Democrat plan is for the next congress:

Of course, Barney Frank is probably the single most responsible person in the United States for the collapse of the US economy by repeatedly blocking all efforts to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac... where his lover, Herb Moses, was a senior executive in charge of formulating policies for easy lending. To put it mildly, the US is looking more and more like a dysfunctional third world basket case where the inmates are in charge of the asylum.