Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Neocon Traveling to the Middle East Today

The Neocon is on the road today, traveling to the Middle East. I will try to post from the Middle East and provide my observations.

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Ex-CIA chief: Oil key to U.S. security
RNC Chair: Iran Threat to Jewish People
Communisim Alive & Well in Latin America

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hard Left Co-opting Immigration Issue

The left hitches its wagon to immigrant discontent and revives ‘May Day’, that special day for every Socialist, Communist and Anarchist. The Neocon has not jumped on the immigration issue bandwagon, simply because I personally know so many hard-working, family-oriented Latino’s and understand how painful this issue can be for them. I know that the overwhelming majority of Latino’s are looking for a better life for their families. Unlike the Muslim immigrants of Europe, Latino’s in America share a common religion and many values with the majority and are eager, like generations of immigrants before them, to work hard, pay their dues and leave a better and more prosperous life for their children. In short, the American dream. The Neocon supports a realistic solution to this all important matter, one that strengthens the cohesiveness (integration instead of multi-culturalisim, and respect for the rule of law) of the country instead of ripping us apart precisely at a time in world affairs when the projection of American unity is critical.

Unfortunately however, the possibility of a reasoned solution is put at risk by the attempted co-opting and exploitation of this issue by radical leftists with an anti-American agenda. It is no coincidence that the day of protests and boycotts was scheduled for May Day. There is a clear attempt to radicalize the Latino populations in North America. This attempt does not serve the cause of immigrants and indeed will likely cause a backlash. Today’s events will help tell the story.

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WSJ Observation: Great Minds Think Alike

* "Murtha Assesses U.S. Army as 'Broken' "--headline, Washington Times, Dec. 2, 2005

* "Al-Zawahri Says U.S. 'Broken' in Iraq"--headline, Associated Press, April 29, 2006