Sunday, March 12, 2006

"My Brother; You Can Believe In Stones If You Wish, As Long As You Don’t Throw Them At Me." Dr. Wafa Sultan

The Neocon Express is in contact with a number of private security firms in a campaign to generate donations of security equipment and services to protect Dr. Wafa Sultan from crazed Islamo-Fascists who have put a FATWA on her head. We urge other Bloggers to use whatever private contacts they may have to do the same, so that we can insure Ms. Wafa’s safety and continued work in the promotion of sanity in the Muslim world. Ms. Wafa's interview on Al Jazeera has been described by a number of extremist clerics as "more damaging than the Danish Cartoons." Salmon Rushdie move over.

The best way to reach Ms. Sultan currently is through the editor of, a web-site for discussions and promotion of moderation in the Muslim world. The Neocon is troubled by the fact that in yesterday’s article, the New York Times published general information about Ms. Wafa’s location, her husbands name and business, basic information that was not necessary to publish in an otherwise great article. Ms. Sultan has received multiple threats on her answering machine.

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Mark Steyn delivers another killer OP-ED (no, the photo is not Mark Steyn, it's the lovable Abu Hamza al Masri):
'If The Koran permits, You must acquit'

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